Dragonfly Dew came about because I wanted to create products that were good for my body as well as good for the Earth.

We create all natural products for your body and spirit which are free of artificial ingredients, colors, fragrances or flavors. 

My very sensitive skin has been the testing ground for my formulations, and allows me to blend together ingredients from nature that work beautifully together without causing irritation. My love of Nature drives every decision I make, so of course I only use ingredients that come from the earth.  I have been a gardener for as long as I can remember, and use no artificial chemicals, herbicides or pesticides in my gardens, so why would I ever put things that aren’t good for you in my products?  
You won’t find any Petrolatum, mineral oil, SLS, Parabens, or other harsh chemicals in our products. Only natural butters, waxes, oils, minerals and other botanical ingredients. Additionally, we never use Palm, Palm Oil, Lard or Tallow. All of our products are handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. 

The ingredients in our products are pure and simple, and blend together for a difference you can feel immediately. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, and believe that the best body formulations use ingredients that come from the earth, not those that are synthetically made. Each ingredient is chosen not just for its benefit to your skin, but also for its safety and its impact on the planet.  Just because something is organic or natural does not always make it safe for your skin, or the best solution for the earth.  It’s not only about choosing natural over synthetic, its about choosing what’s BEST for your skin while at the same time doing what’s morally right for the planet.

Our products are always packaged using recyclable and reusable containers, and we encourage you to do your part to reduce our impact on the planet. If everyone recycled just 10% of their garbage, just think how much waste we could reduce!

Finally, I believe that taking care of and giving back to nature is one of everyone’s greatest responsibilities. I strive to accomplish this through my processes, selection of ingredients, and donations to earth-friendly causes. I have spent thousands of  hours educating people on the importance of sustainability, taking care of the earth, ecosystems, and the benefits of organic gardening and growing. 
Your satisfaction with our products is why I love to hear from my customers. Your choice in what you put on your skin is so important, so choose wisely! 

Kathy Green

Owner and Artisan

Dragonfly Dew


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